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Chesapeake Farm to Table‘s mission is to help build more economically viable sustainable small-scale farms in the Chesapeake region through education programming and improved access to local foods. We are a farmer-owned, cooperatively managed online marketplace for purchasing high-quality, local and sustainably grown produce.

Chesapeake Farm to Table offers an efficient option for restaurants & institutions to buy 100% local, seasonal food directly from sustainable farms throughout Chesapeake Bay Region.

STEP 1 – Order Online

Once you’ve signed up, log in and browse the available products in our simple online store. Make your choices by selecting the item you’d like and add it to your cart. Then just checkout to place your order.

STEP 2 – Fulfillment

Your order is sent directly to our producers. Farmers harvest your produce fresh from the ground, wash and package it, while local food crafters get your order ready, then they drop everything off at the Chesapeake Farm To Table hub.

Step 3A – Delivery

Chefs – Orders are delivered to your restaurant Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 3pm each week.

Step 3B – Pickup

At Home Customers – Orders are dropped off Wednesdays at one of the pickup points of your choice throughout the Baltimore area. Head on over to the pickup point you selected during checkout and your local bounty will be waiting for your arrival!

Step 4A – Chefs Create at Restaurant

Chefs Turn the amazing locally sourced products into a one of kind recipe that will have your guests raving!

Step 4B- Create at Home

At Home Customers – Now is the fun part! Take your order home and turn the amazing locally sourced products from our farmers and food crafters into a one of kind recipe.

STEP 5 – Dinner

ChefsCustomers visit your restaurant to sample the incredible meals you’ve prepared. Be careful, word could get out about how awesome your food is and you might become the next James Beard Award Winner!

At Home Customers – Serve up your farm fresh meal to your family. Once they get a taste of your creation, they’ll be begging you to signup up for Masterchef!

We would love to socialize with you!! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to stay up to date with what’s fresh, and to see what our local farmers and chefs are up to!

We work directly with 20+ different farms to bring you the highest quality sustainable products directly to you. Over 50% of our farms are USDA Certified Organic or they grow using organic and sustainable practices.

Check out all our local farmers in the map below!

Chefs, Restaurants, and Caterers from throughout Baltimore City and the surrounding area utilize Chesapeake Farm to Table to source locally grown produce from our member farms. Check out where you can try the best farm to table food below.

Buying local made easy! We believe access to local farmers and the best farm to table ingredients should be accessible to everyone! Which is why we started Chesapeake Farm to Home. Using the same great software, now aspiring at home chefs can order directly from our farmers.

Orders are accepted from Wednesday morning to Sunday night at 11:45pm.

Each order is fulfilled and then delivered to local pickup point every Wednesday for you to pick up.

So you have some AMAZING produce! But now what do you do with it? Check out some of these inspiring recipes that have been shared with us by many of the amazing local chefs that use Farm to Table ingredients everyday at their restaurants.

    Have a question or just want to say hello? Fill out our contact form or give us a call. Our mailing address is included below too in case you want to send us a real life letter.

    Send us a Letter:

    16813 Yeoho Road,
    Sparks Glencoe, MD 21152

    Give us a Ring: (443) 300-6616

    Say Hello:


    Still have questions? We’ve got answers. Check out our most Frequently Asked Questions about our Farm to Home service below.

    Does Chesapeake Farm to Home have a membership fee?

    No, we do not have a membership fee. We do require a $40 minimum with each order.

    Does Chesapeake Farm to Table/Farm to Home operate year round?

    We’re very proud to say – YES! While our farm product offerings are seasonal, we work with a diverse group of farmers, including growers focused on winter production, so we can bring you the best diversity of products throughout the year! Even if you are in a vegetable CSA program, consider ordering from Chesapeake Farm to Table to augment with our farmers’ meats, cheeses, eggs and fruit!

    What are the Customer Terms of Service?

    Please review our Customer Terms of Service form here. By purchasing through Chesapeake Farm to Table, you agree to the Terms of Service.

    Why do you have a $40 minimum order?

    The minimum purchase of $40 per order helps support our network of small-scale family farms. This minimum order amount helps our farmers make the harvesting and delivery to our hub logistics financially worthwhile. If a $40 minimum order is excessive for you, we suggest partnering with a friend or neighbor to go in on an order together.

    Why can’t I order on Monday or Tuesday?

    Our ordering period runs from Wednesday at 12:00am to Sunday night at 11:45pm. We promise we’re not trying to be a pain! That’s just the way our software works with the ordering sub-periods and delivery days we have set up. You can still browse products on Monday and Tuesday, you just won’t be able to place an order until Wednesday for the following delivery week.

    Do we get to keep the bags?

    We would rather that you didn’t! Please return them to your drop site for collection (and don’t be embarrassed if you’ve accumulated a few!). We care about the environment and try to cut down on packaging wherever possible. We have reusable bags for packing orders for this purpose. We wash & sanitize between customers. Reusing bags makes sense and we thank you for your help with the success of this system to cut down waste!

    I’d like home or office delivery. How can I make that happen?

    We currently do not offer home delivery, however that is definitely in our future. Stay tuned! If multiple people in your office are interested in hosting a pickup location, please email us at to discuss.

    How does Chesapeake Farm to Table price the products?

    We believe in letting the farmers and producers set their own pricing to ensure they are getting back what they need to cover their hard work. We then add a small markup to cover our marketing and delivery costs, not to make profit. Grocery stores often price based on getting you in the door with below market prices while they compensate with much higher prepared foods and specialty items. Chesapeake Farm to Table doesn’t believe in the numbers game because our #1 concern is to help our producers be economically viable. When you buy from Chesapeake Farm to Table, you’re paying farmers more than they receive from a traditional grocery store. In fact, most small-scale farms can’t afford to sell to grocery stores. In addition, the quality of food you get from our producers is much better.

    Can I get an order delivered on Saturday?

    No, we only offer delivery on Wednesday. We have developed this model with careful consideration for our small-scale farms, and it’s because of our “just-harvested” system that we can offer you the freshest produce available!

    I’m really disappointed in the quality of a product in my order! What can I do?

    First of all, we’re very sorry you’re not extremely happy with your order! We want to make it right! Please take a photo of the product in question within 1 hour of pick-up and contact the Market Manager at (443) 300-6616 or as soon as possible so that we can help fix the issue for you and other customers.

    What if I can’t pick up my order?

    If for some reason you are not able to pick up your order, please contact the Market Manager at (443) 300-6616 before 10:00am on your pickup date and we will try to make special arrangements for you. We cannot guarantee that special arrangements will be possible. You will still be responsible for your order. Please review our Customer Terms of Service form here. By purchasing through Chesapeake Farm to Table, you agree to the Terms of Service.